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H-366T Multi-point Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Music Transmitter Audio Adapter For PC TV Cellphone MP3 Description: H-366T is designed to transmit audio signal of TV, DVD, MP3 etc. to Bluetooth receivers, earphones or speakers by the Bluetooth wireless technology. To help customers to realize a higher quality wireless household lives. What's more, it will make it being available for you to set up your personal pairing password to enjoy a safer and steadier connection by using our Bluetooth transmitter & receiver combination. Features: Exquisite round design with perfect process, mini body, more smaller and lighter. Multi-point design, one transmitter could connect with two Bluetooth devices at the same time, eg. one BT speaker and BT headsets. High quality stereo transmission makes sure you can enjoy the auditory feast. Specification: Model H-366T Bluetooth version 4.0 Valid distance Not less than 10 meters Battery duration 6 hours Charging period 1.5 hours Product size 45mm * 11mm Introduction of multi-point function: It will searching new device after power on,and the blue lights flashing alternately. One of the blue light on after connect one device successfully. It will connect one Bluetooth device automaticly, push the power on button if the 2nd speaker need to search. Both of the blue lights on after two speakers connect successfully. The red light's on when charging and off with full charge. Power off: long press 2 seconds. Easy operation, connect the product with audio players by a audio cable, without set up after the device turn on. Package Included: 1 x H-366T Music Transmitter Audio Adapter 1 x Audio Cable 1 x USB Cable 1 x Manual Detail Pictures:
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