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This book deals with the Australian Indigenous writer Kim Scott and his three novels True Country, Benang and Kayang and Me and deals with attempts at re-negotiating his identity. Born of mixed heritage, Scott was always aware of the pitfalls of his cultural identity. Hence, his novels have been, in a way, his attempt at bridging two worlds, the Black Australia and the White Australia, and locating himself. Being unique in his identity, he has been able to, through his novels, create a new space and place for himself, and a new identity, wherein, he is a spokesman for his people and a man, who has been able to re-negotiate his cultural compulsions. This book traces his attempts at writing back to the centre, at finding a voice for his peoples and evolving an identity which is uniquely his own and different from the identity cast upon him. He speaks for his people, is very proud of that and is today, a voice to be heard, who narrates the unreal reality of the British conquest of the Australian landmass and the location he wants to locate his indigenous ancestors and himself.
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