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Баннер размер 728 х

коробка для мушек snowbee slit foam compartment waterproof fly box x large приобрести по лучшей цене

Anti-Thefe Back Opening DesignThe compartment is designed with back opening to securely hold your camera and accessories in place. Customizable DividersCustomizable interior with removable foam padded inserts meets your different demands. Large Compartment7L large main compartment stores all your gadgets and kits and the front pocket holds your small essentials. Side Locking StrapsIt also features adjustable side locking strap for transporting a monopod or tripod. Comfortable Carrying SystemPadded ergonomic shoulder straps evenly distributes the load for all-day carrying comfort. Durable and Splash-proofMade of durable and splash-proof 900D canvas fabric for exceptional outdoor performance. Specification Brand Winer Material 900D wearable fabrics waterproof canvas Model Rover 60 Product Size 250 x 400 x 190mm Capacity 1 x DSLR+2 x Lens+1 x Tablet or 13" Ultrabook
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