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коробка для мушек snowbee slit foam compartment waterproof fly box x large приобрести по лучшей цене

SIRUI SR0013 Camera Bag has 3 inner compartments and one outer pocket, large capacity to storage camera equipment, accessories and 13 inches laptop. Making carry outdoor photography equipment conveniently. Waterproof Material Made of waterproof cotton canvas material, you can carry it outdoors. High Quality Zipper Made of leather and metal, very durable. The zipper can make your items safe. 3 Inner Compartment Accessory compartment to put cleaning lens, cleaning brushes, filter lens etc. Equipment compartment to put camera, 3 camera lens and one camera flashlight. Laptop compartment to put 13 inches laptop. One Outer Pocket You can put magazine, books, files etc. into this pocket. With Rain Cover With one rain cover, waterproof and dust-proof, need not to worry about your equipment being wet. Specifications Brand Sirui Model SR0013 Type Camera bag Style Shoulder Material Waterproof Cotton Canvas Product Size 35L x 12W x 26H cm Rain Cover Yes Package Weight 1.2KG Package Size 40L x 30W x 15H cm Package Content 1 x Camera Bag with Rain Cover
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