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Баннер размер 728 х

людмила коколина a camera with its shutter open приобрести по лучшей цене

1 Add a Vertical-grip shutter button (you need to contact the cable that we offered with the camera) convenient for Vertical Shot. 2 Hold two EN-EL14 or six AA batteries to double your shooting time. 3 Significantly improves stability. 4 Very suit for portrait shot 5 Tripod 1/4 screw mountRemote control CR2032 button battery with .receive range 3M receive angle 110 °D5100 battery grip has a built in vertical shutter release button and can hold six AA Batteries or two EN-EL14 rechargeable battery packs. 6 Additionally it comes with a signal transferring cable (Length 8CM) which you will be able to use a shutter release. Fits With Following Models: Only For Nikon D5100 D5200 Camera
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