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I can remember everything, any single detail from a full day with someone and I was told that it was dangerous to share the day in this way and why, because the other would be caught on the elementary trap that takes the golden dancing free stars into the vacuum desolation. I can go out, feel the wind around my face and any time I feel pain by thinking for all, I can remember that there is better ways of coping with the awakening performance from too much awareness. Sometimes my intuition tells me that I solved difficult problems, and then comes new ones, an infinite chain of free unchained coils. If I listen to the minds of others, I can understand what they feel, even if there is no presence of the voice and I tend to drive this thought tendencies into a critical creative thought posture into the world with a real presence of my life experiences. For now, sometimes comes with hope from a vivid voice who wants to get rid of feeling the odd one, sometimes a tangerine dream calls me from childhood to celebrate a glorious past but the bridges derived from my personal pillars, told me something today at dawn about a kind of brilliance.
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