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Studies of tenure choice and/or Entry to Home Ownership (EHO) already stand at the heart of housing studies. This attention stems primarily from the increasing tendency of home ownership rates in the majority of advanced capitalist countries. This book examines the factors which hypothetically affect EHO process. In doing so, a comparison is carried out between two countries which are quite distinct with respect to their housing policies: Turkey and the Netherlands. The comparison is carried out for two levels: the national comparison between Turkey and Netherlands and case comparison between Ankara and Regionaal Orgaan Amsterdam, ROA. Contextual and empirical EHO analysis of the study confirms that, despite overall similarities, there are great differences affecting EHO in the two countries. Due to strong state regulation in the Netherlands, EHO is realized with respect to certain steps in Hh life-cycles, whereas in Turkey, EHO is more related to its investment value, its decreasing future ambiguities and to its providing security both in financial and social terms. Although the factors could be similar in general terms their effects and magnitudes are found to be different
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