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1 pc new replacement tv remote control for samsung ak59 00172a for dvd blu ray player bd f5700 without battery приобрести по лучшей цене

This 6 in 1 LCD Remote Control is an ideal choice for many kinds of household electrical appliance, as a combinational controller, it's the best replacement of the remote controls lost or damaged. It can copy functions from original remote controls subject to infrared. Features Applicable to many household electrical appliances After simple setting, it can control many kinds of infrared controlled household electrical appliances, such as TV/TXT, DVD, CD, VCR, SAT/CABLE and A/C(Air conditioner) etc. Multiple Functions Integrated Learning function, permanent memory function, mac reinstruction function, key transferring function, clock function, alarm clock function, key buzzer function, backlight function, volume sharing function, weak battery hint function, and restoring original factory setting function etc. Practical and Easy to operate It is an ideal choice of a combined remote control for many kinds of household electrical appliance and the replacement of the remote controls lost or damaged Step-by-Step LCD Screen Instructions Programming for the most popular brands of components Improved Usage Range High-powered Infrared LED Emission Specifications Model RM-L968E Compatible Learning Remote Can material ABS Batteries 3*AAA(Not included) Transmitting distance 8M SERIES TV,VCR,SAT,CBL,DVD,CD,LD,A/C Size 19.5*5*2.4 cm Weight 90(g) Packing Content: 1 x Remote Control  1 x English user manual
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