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1pc st016 strong magnetic 65mm cross head screwdriver bit double head high quality electric screwdriver set ph2 free shipping приобрести по лучшей цене

Descriptions Those Long Cross Screwdriver Bits are made of S2 alloy steel which is a commonly used material in hardware with high hardness. Magnetic bits can be firmly fixed on screwdrivers. 8 sizes a set at an inexpensive price can meet your requirements. Specifications Brand: JAPAN SEALS Materials: S2 alloy steel Type of head: cross / phillips Type of shank: 6.35mm / 1/4 inch hex Net weight: (approx.) 100g Dimensions: Size Bit Diameter Length (mm) PH0 3.0 75 PH1 3.0 75 PH1 4.0 75 PH1 4.5 75 PH2 4.0 75 PH2 4.5 75 PH2 5.0 75 PH2 6.0 75 Features Those bits fit for electric screwdrivers, hand screwdrivers, electric drills, air drills and so forth. Notes PH0 is suitable for small appliances and precision apparatuses; PH1 is suitable for major and small appliances; PH2 is suitable for household screws and major appliances. Do not turn the screws with unmatched size, in case get both screw and bit damaged. Please allow a bit manual measuring errors. Package included 1 x 75mm*3.0*PH0 Cross Screwdriver bit 1 x 75mm*3.0*PH1 Cross Screwdriver bit 1 x 75mm*4.0*PH1 Cross Screwdriver bit 1 x 75mm*4.5*PH1 Cross Screwdriver bit 1 x 75mm*4.0*PH2 Cross Screwdriver bit 1 x 75mm*4.5*PH2 Cross Screwdriver bit 1 x 75mm*5.0*PH2 Cross Screwdriver bit 1 x 75mm*6.0*PH2 Cross Screwdriver bit
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