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The accelerated growth in technologies and ongoing processes of globalization has given challenges to U.S. education systems. As the world moved into the 21st century, it has become increasingly complex with technological advances that demand new set of skills to be competitive in this global marketplace. This knowledge-intensive 21st century world calls for skills to help our students for greater global competences and abilities in order to successfully thrive in this information-based, interconnected world. The purpose of this book is to generate new knowledge to learn about programs and practices that promote the acquisition of 21st century skills at a school. The study identified programs, pedagogical methods, and instructional practices that have contributed to the school’s ability to prepare its students with knowledge and skills necessary for the life in 21st Century. Additionally, it aims to provide essential characteristics about the school structure and organization-professional community and school culture which identify this site as a 21st century school that supports the learning and teaching of global competence skills.

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