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300ml world map change color cup discolored in case of hot water приобрести по лучшей цене

Simple style pure white drinking cup features a temperature sensitive LED heart on the middle of the cup body - Adds an emotional element with the glowing heart at the center of the mug - This indicative glow reflects the temperature of the contents in the tumbler: meaning blue for a cold beverage orange for a warm cup tea and red for the piping hot coffee LED heart has 3-color changes with water temperature changing: Red Orange Blue - Blue light display when the water temperature is between 0~35'C orange light when between 35~75'C and red light when between 75~90'C - Humanized design cup provides a visual indication of water temperature and gives you a considerate care in case the water is too hot - LED light is powered by 2 x AA batteries (not included) - Made of high grade ABS and inner stainless steel material durable to use - Comfortable to hold with smooth and glossy surface - Capacity: 300ml - Great gift for your lover and your family
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