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3k carbon fiber brushless gimbal with controller motors full plug приобрести по лучшей цене

Brand N/A Quantity 1 Piece(s)/pack Color Black Material Aluminum alloy + carbon fiber on the top Compatible device Multicopter Functions Aerial photography Other Feature Simple structure and light weight dont have to assemble and debug; Good for newbie already assemble and debug for you; 2.0mm carbon fiber manufactured; Brushless motor direct driveGM-2206C motors; With a DC voltage regulator and anti-vibration rubber balls easy to adjust; Special gopro3 aluminum alloy fixed bracketgravity has been adjusted more convenient and safer for loading and unloading gopro3 camera; the hood hole diameter is 20 mmcompatible with AH - 600 quadcopter AH - 700 hexacopter and XA - 650 quadcopter and hexacopter; The firmware is compatible with Gopro 3 and Gopro 2but the camera fastener is not fit for gopro 2; You have to use other gopro2 camera Velcro fastener strap; with 2pcs 2206 motors and gimbal controller. Packing List 1 x Carbon fiber gimbal installed 2 motors 1 x Gimbal controller 1 x Sensor 1 x DC voltage regulator
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