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5pcs durable screw extractor set high quality steel stud remover tool kit with box 3 18mm for hand tools приобрести по лучшей цене

Description: 4PCS #1 #2 #3 #4 Double Side Damaged Screw Extractor Out Remover Bolt Stud Tool Specification: Material: Alloy steel (S2) Handle:Hexagon handle 1/4''(6.35mm) Size: Model Remove Dia Length #1 3-5mm 61mm #2 4-8mm #3 5-10mm #4 6-12mm Features: High qualityAlloy steel (S2) material Rapid, portable, remove the screw ,pipe, bolts have been damaged. Usage: 1, With the speed can be change and -direction of the electric drill. 2, the first thing to determine when using extractor and ensure the safety of the tool and will not be moving. 3, the screw head be damaged thicker than extractor with the drilling head end drill a hole( deep enough) in the middle of the screw head. 4, reverse screw extractor and into the damaged screw counterclockwise, until removed. Note: Operation or in the vicinity of electric tools, please wear glasses boxes and protective clothing. Package Included: 1X Set (4pcs)Screw Extractor Need More Woodworking Drill Bits, Please Click Here.
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