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60 packs 600 pcs anytime brand soft care feminine cotton anion active oxygen and negative ion sanitary napkin for women bsn60 приобрести по лучшей цене

Qty: 1 - Color: Silver - Material: Plastic - Type: Aerosol Spray - Power Supply: Car Cigarette - Function: Eliminate Smell - Scent: Lemon - Ozone Concentration: 5~10mg/h - Anion Concentration: 3 x 10 PCS / cm - Input Voltage: 12V - Power: 5W - Current: 600mA -The mutual ion technology to strength evolution of air eliminating soot peculiar smell of mold and other harmful substances - Manufacturing reactive oxygen molecules: Release negative oxygen anion lively add oxygen intake by 20% and ruled out 15% more carbon dioxide: - The broad-spectrum efficient ozone ozone sterilization disinfection and ultimately back into oxygen no secondary pollution. - Effective prevention diseases from air conditioner: Negative ions to promote metabolism decomposing bacteria dust keep the air new eliminate fatigue. - Eye refreshing: Negative ion electrostatic charges "+" "-" and display combination reduce electrostatic radiation protect eyesight - Improve the heart function: negative oxygen ions breathing lungs inhale oxygen increased by 20% and 15% co2 promotes the blood circulation improve lung function: - Automatic timing disinfection ozone disinfection using automatic timing operation opening after 15 minutes to complete disinfection and automatically turn off. - Packing list: - 1 x Air freshener - 1 x Car charger (175cm) - 1 x Lemon scent pad - 2 x Screws - 2 x Nuts - 1 x Chinese / English user manual
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