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In true sense, the word Corporate Governance is no more a buzzword today; rather a reality or a challenge faced by those who is or are into business of any nature. Through this book, the author has tried to outline the facts in qualitative and exploratory terms by answering the important questions on “Corporate Governance” especially in relation to Banking and Finance sectors, which require greater attention towards the same word “Corporate Governance” due to the presence of large number of public enterprises, which suffers from an overdose of control. In fact, the finance system is the key to several micro-economic risks in case the same system is not taken care of judiciously and the same system can also be helpful in promoting good governance in other sectors. The best part of the book is that it not only covers what corporate governance is, but also it talks about its linkage to the financial system and touches upon in detail the important roles auditor, audit committee, regulators, supervisors, directors, CEO’s, CFO’s are required to play in today’s and tomorrow’s perspective. Another interesting part is the questionnaire provided in the book for assessing governance.

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