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With 6 peripheral board modules; Dual core : Cubieboard 3 & CubieTruck; This expansion boards is based on CubieTruck so it can be used to connect to many kinds of peripheral board modules; Cubietruck is not included; Cubietruck interface: use to connect to Cubietruck; UART0 interface: use to connect to external serial modules and debug program; I2C interface: use to connect to I2C modules such as PCF8563 RTC module MAG3110 Board module etc; TVIN interface: use to input video; TVOUT interface: use to output video CVBS can connect to TV etc; LINEIN interface: use to input audio; USB interface: USB TO UART(PL2303TA); UART interface: use to connect to UART modules such as RS485 Board (3.3V) GPS etc; SPI interface: use to connect to SPI modules such as AT45DBXX Dataflash modules; ZIGBEE interface: use to connect to Core2530 use with ZB501; ONE WIRE interface: use to connect to ONEWIRE devices (TO-92 package) such as temperature sensor DS18B20 electronic registration number DS2401 etc; 5V / 3.3V power input/output interface: usually used as power output also common-grounding with other user board; PL2303TA USB TO UART chip; 12M crystal oscillator: PL2303TA crystal oscillator; Buzzer; 4 user LEDs with 4 different colors; Power LED; AD key; 7 ANDROID keys: VOL+ VOL- MENU SEARCH HOME ESC ENTER; ONE-WIRE jumper; Buzzer jumper; AD key jumper; User LEDs jumper; TVIN jumper; TVOUT jumper; UART0 jumper; Instructions for using the above jumpers: Short jumper: connect to I/O indicated in example program; Break jumper: can use connecting cable to connect to customize I/O.
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