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aligning university quality assurance and graduate employability приобрести по лучшей цене

Higher learning institutions play a significant role in the development endeavour of every nation. In achieving its roles and functions, quality has to be the leading priority to be addressed. Today, there is general agreement on the need for accountability in the higher education sector and for establishing policies and processes to ensure quality. Hence, developing quality assurance system to the enhancement of quality is precondition to address the demands of ever competitive situation. One aspects of achieving the goal of quality assurance is to carry out institutional quality assessment. Institutional self-assessment is designed to examine internal quality assurance systems as well as their operation. As part of the quality assurance process quality audit is being implemented in Ethiopian HEIs with specific aims of improving the quality of educational experience for students and identify an action that will lead to an improvement in quality. Quality audit begins by internal quality assessment, followed by external audit. The purpose of this book is, thus, to look into the practice, challenges and prospects of internal quality assessment at Arba Minch University.

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