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New fully revised edition of this top of the range Collins World Atlas at a great price. Detailed world mapping is attractively presented along with hundreds of facts, internet links, images, tables and graphs. The atlas provides a complete and topical view of today's world. Top of the range atlas the flagship title in the Collins World atlas range, giving a full picture of the Earth through the use of maps, satellite images, space and aerial photography, 3D terrain models and graphics. These features are further enhanced by fact boxes and internet links on each topic. This Collins world atlas presents a complete view of the world, bringing it to life through innovative maps, stunning images and detailed content. It offers an exciting perspective on how the planet is made up, how it looks and how it works. This atlas takes you further than traditional world atlases giving a more complete understanding of the world. Updates include; Serbia and Montenegro split into 2 independent countries and the newest independent country of Kosovo; New joint capital of Myanmar- Naypyidaw; Golmud-Lhasa railway in Tibet now open; Longest cross ocean bridge to the south of Shanghai; Aral Sea and Lake Chad continue to shrink in size also includes; Wide range of topical issues covered including natural disasters, population, climate and the environment; Key country statistics allow comparisons of their state of development and an understanding of today's world; Thousands of facts and statistics including world and ocntinental ranking tables; Dictionary of geographical facts with all key concepts and terms explained.

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