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DDecorate your house, window or door with the 95cm Artificial Ivy Garland Decorative Fake Vines. Our realistic artificial vines freshen up any area, and can be used for improving a space or decorating for a special event. These stylish plants can give you a modern look at an affordable price. 2PCS 95cm Artificial Ivy Garland Decorative Fake Vines Fake vine with leaves hanging down to offer extra cover and a great naturalistic look. Green color can help to relieve visual fatigue. You can hang it on the wall, door, swing, mirror or anywhere as you like. Easy to wash and keep clean, with simple installation. Suitable for house garden, wedding celebration, party room, festival celebration décor, etc. Specifications Material Silk cloth Color Green Long Branches 2 (85cm) Medium Branches 3 (55cm) Short Branches 4 (27cm) Leaf Size 4 x 5cm Package Weight 150 g Package Size 30 x 20 x 5 cm Package Contents 2PCS Artificial Ivy Garland
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