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A large number of road accidents and major road fatalities occur in Singapore each year. To lessen the same scenerio the factors must be clearly identified. Proper relationship must need to derive to know the magnitude of each factor in occurring road accidents. Both qualitative and quantitative factors have influence in occurring road accidents and road fatalities. The qualitative factors include the lack of traffic education and enforcement, drink-driving, speeding, red-running, hand phone driving, lack of training for motorcyclists, lack of campaign and so on. Though a big portion of road accidents are being occurred by the qualitative factors, it is very difficult to quantify them all with some numeric value. But there are still big portions of road accidents are being occurred each year by some quantitative factors. So, the existing study is designed only to distinguish the influential behavior of some quantitative parameters. It is assumed that the quantitative factors may have some influence on road accidents and road fatalities. So, some selected quantitative parameters will be examined by all possible regressions approach to investigate for linear relationships among them.

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