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Revision with unchanged content. With regard to the topic “New Methods of Technology and their Appropriat­eness for the UK Fast Moving Consumer Good (FMCG) Business”, this work deals with the description of the current com­mu­ni­ca­tion strategy of FMCG manufacturers compared with new methods of communication. Since ad­ver­tisements of FMCGs appeal to a wide audience and are dependent on being transmitted frequently, FMCG manu­facturers predominantly rely upon traditional mass media. Nowadays FMCGs are characterised as low-in­volve­ment products and are ex­posed to higher com­pe­ti­tion. In order to stay com­petitive it is vital for FMCG manufacturers to arouse brand awareness thus ensuring the brand’s perception by the con­sumer. Since they are not in a position to recognise the consumers needs due to lack of appropriate measure­ment, FMCG manufacturers need to become attentive to the new methods, which fulfil the today’s requirements of target­ing consumers effectively. In contrast to traditional media the new methods of technology offer good opportunities to satisfy the needs of the modern consumer by delivering cus­tom­ised advertisements. Due to the interactivity of ad­vert­ise­ments, the new formats enable better brand awareness by adding value to the brand in form of entertainment and information.

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