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ce hf eport pro ep20 pin linux network server port ttl serial to ethernet embedded module dhcp 3 3v tcp ip telnet приобрести по лучшей цене

Introduction TCP / IP serial protocol converter USR-WIFI232-T is used to TCP network packets or UDP packets with RS232 interface for transparent data transmission equipment modules compact low power consumption powered by ARM processors fast high stability. This is a multi-functional Embedded Ethernet serial data conversion module which integrates a TCP / IP protocol stack users can easily use it to complete the embedded device networking features save resources and development time enabling faster into the market and enhance competitiveness. Integrated 10/100M adaptive Ethernet interface module serial communications the maximum baud rate up to 256Kbps with TCP Client UDP mode easily configured through software. Product Features 32-bit ARM CPU; LA Ethernet: 10/100Mbps; Protection: Built-2KV electromagnetic isolation; Serial RS232/RS485/TTL x 1: TXD RXD G D; Serial rate: Baud rate: From 2400 to 256kbps can be set up to 3Mbps; Agreement: ETHER ET ARP IP UDP TCP DHCP DNS; Tools: module configuration software TCP / UDP test tools serial debugging software; Configurations: Serial / Network Power: Input power: 3.3V DC 5V DC a second election. Operating temperature: Industrial grade: -25 ~ 75 ° C. Preservation of the environment: -40 ~ 85 ° C 5 ~ 95% RH. Electrical parameters Module Voltage: dual power supply interface module VCC: DC typical 3.3V the minimum 3.15 maximum 3.45 V suitable for 3.3V MCU system VDD: DC typical 5V minimum 4.5V maximum 5.5V 5V MCU system suitable Module current: max 180 mA Working temperature: -25 ~ 75 ° C Storage temperature: -40 ~ 85 ° C Features 10/100M adaptive Ethernet interface; Support AUTO MDI / MDIX you can use a crossover cable or parallel cable connection; Baud Rate: From 2400 to 256kbps can be set up to 3Mbps; Work Optional TCP Server TCP Client UDP mode UDP broadcast mode; Working port destination IP address and port can be set; Automatically disconnects the network is disconnected the entire network to ensure the reliable TCP connection; Flexible serial data sub-frame is set to meet user demand for a variety of subcontractors; TCPIP programming to provide supporting information; Prohibited under way UDP packet radio strong anti-jamming capability than similar products; Supports automatic program without a configuration parameter.
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