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This Carmind ISOFIX Strap is a belt with ISOFIX interface for most child car safety seat. It features durable polyester material, international standard ISOFIX interface, and metal buckle to quickly and safely secure child safety seats. It provides a more simple and safe child car seat installation method. Features Durable polyester material. Thickening and solid ISOFIX interface. Adjustable belt with metal buckle. Upward button, convenient to operate. Provide a simpler and safer installation method. Keep your baby safer in the car. Specifications Name ISOFIX Seat Belt for Baby Car Seat Brand Carmind Model CM001 Material Polyester, Plastic, Metal Color Black Length 165cm Static Strength 12000N Package Weight 400 g Package Size 30 x 30 x 5 cm Package Contents 1 x ISOFIX Seat Belt
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