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cool white warm white color wireless pir motion sensor lamp super bright 10 led battery powered cabinet drawer night light приобрести по лучшей цене

Description: This is a very classic shape of a multi-purpose portable sensor lights, high flexibility, energy-saving technology, environmental protection, easy to install. Specifications: Item Type: Solar Night Light Light Source: LED Is Bulb Included: Yes Battery Type: 3x AAA batteries (not included) Is Battery Included: No Dimensions: 70 x 25mm (L x H) Features: 1. The Infrared sensor function: When there are human enters the sensing range (within 2m) sensor lights, sensor lights turn on automatically, automatically turns off after a delay of about 30 seconds. 2. The light sensor function: when the surrounding environment to achieve a certain brightness, the sensor light will automatically turn off sensing capabilities, this time someone enters the sensing range is no longer illuminated, this function can effectively saving (induction night, during the day induction) 3. Stick to almost anywhere with adhesive mount provided 4. Applications: hallway, hallway, closet, bags, drawers and other equipment can not apply where the lamp Package Include: 1x Sensor Night Light
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