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dance is for everyone приобрести по лучшей цене

The research work is invaluable contribution towards both Indian Music and Dance.The author with her scholarly presentation of ten music compositions in vernacular languages with word by word meaning is very much useful for music,dance students,teachers and choreographers.This book also describes the origin and development of dance forms(Dance Compositions) from Vedic period to present day trend(Margam).The systematic approach or the method of presentation of a composition for dance concert given in this work is valuable. The main aim of the author is to describe the innovative approaches to revive the dance art form and also to give a break to the same old tradition.The book has identified and codified the music form Kriti and technically presented it for dance concert.Two compositions from each great Indian composers of Annamacharya,Purandara Dasa,Tyagaraja,Dikshitar and Syama Sastri are selected to project the hidden treasure in their compositions which are also very much suitable for dance.To add color, dance photographs for the word by word meaning of the selective compositions given are remarkable.The author's work is noteworthy as it is both innovative and informative

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