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decorative cushion cover art flower painting pillow case приобрести по лучшей цене

100% eco-friendly polyester, do not contain any chemical dyes and do not fade. The Emoji is decorated with sequins, and if you use your hand slide the sequins down, it will change into one Emoji face. This Fashion Emoji Decorative Cushion Cover is perfect for you to decorate your living room, car or bar. Emoji Pattern The Emoji will change into another Emoji face if you use your hand slide the sequins down, a perfect decoration for your cushion. Polyester Material Durable, eco-friendly, and will not fade or pill. Concealed Zipper Lets the case keep good-looking, and easy to remove and clean. Decorative Pillow Case Perfect for decorative living room, bedroom, and wedding, etc. Specifications Material Polyester, sequin Product Size40 x 40 cm Package Contents 1 x Cushion Cover
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