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Magnetic levitation globe is a product which is helpful for kids to learn geography knowledge and cognitive work; Teach through lively activities and improve the children's interest of electric magnetic conversion of energy and more scientific knowledges. Brand N/A Model N/A Quantity 1 piece(s) per pack Color Black+Silver Material ABS Specification Simulation automatic rotation of the earth with 4 RGB LEDs Keywords Magnetic levitation globe decorations Other Feature Magnetic levitation globe using current magnetic effect makes the globe float in midair.At the top of Globe there is a magneta coil of wire inside the top of circular plastic boxmetal coil by current will become electromagnet.The suction between electromagnet and the globe top magnet can be offset by the gravity of the globe so the globe can float in midair.Touch globe gently to deviate from the equilibrium positionthe globe will return to the balance position and will not drop without hand.This is the use of negative feedback mechanism. Packing List 1 x Globe 1 x Support 1 x AC power charger (100 ~ 240V / EU plug /110CM)
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