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Modular of magnetorheological (MR) control valve were developed to improve the design flexibility and manufacturability in term of commercial MR valve product. In commercial perspective, a product with flexible performance sometimes is more preferable than a high performance product but with rigid specifications. Frequent design resizing also can be inefficient in terms of manufacturing process. The design of a modular MR control valve using meandering flow path concept is proposed as an effort to enhance the achievable pressure drop of an MR control valve while at the same time improving the design flexibility and manufacturability with a potential to be applied in various application. In order to evaluate the performance of MR control valve, the design is evaluated in terms of pressure drop characteristics with respect to the magnetic field strength and current input in a fully modular valve structure. In this book, has shown the ability of the performance results of the MR valve with additional advantage in design flexibility through modular valve concept while maintaining the dimension of module valve.
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