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diverity of pisces at madhavpur coast saurashtra приобрести по лучшей цене

The present effort was undertaken to set up an innovative trend of monitoring of the human-nature interaction and its effect on the natural system to set up the openings of the future study on this tract at this area. In this context, a detailed study on the Saurashtra coast line, one of the biggest one in India desired a detailed monitoring to work out the present status of the ecosystem, the threats mounting and impending, natural resistance and adaptation in response to the pressure and a possible negotiation to the neutralize the harsh condition to offer a better tomorrow. The present report deals with the biodiversity and man-made pressure on the coastal health as well wealth of the rocky intertidal macrofauna in four different stations along the Saurashtra coastline. With a view to assess the status of the intertidal macrofauna, the physico-chemical characteristic of the coast and the interaction between the fauna and anthropogenic activities were investigated. The Western coastal belt of India, is considerably being exploited heavily by various kinds of Industries. This study revealed how this is affecting the ecosystem of this area.
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