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This book identifies the challenges faced by the Resident Lecturers in the provision of University Extension Education and their possible solutions. It also outlines how the policy on University extension education affects the operations of the Resident Lecturers. Further, it has attempted to give a general overview on the existing literature on University extension education in Britain, America and Zambia.Challenges in University Extension Education explains how and why continuous evaluation of University extension education is necessary so as to enhance the operations of the Resident Lecturers as well as Part-time Tutors. The need to ensure that University management should provide relevant literature to both learners and Part-time Tutors in order to improve the quality of education being provided by University extension Unit.This book has been written to cater for the academic requirements of graduate students, University managements, Resident Lecturers and Part-time Tutors not only to give them a preliminary understanding of the subject, but to enable them also cultivate a deeper interest in the insurmountable challenges faced by the University Resident Lecturers and Part-time
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