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effect of family and social factors on health seeking behaviour приобрести по лучшей цене

Injecting Drug User (IDU) is the predominant risk group to drive the HIV epidemic in Bangladesh. Once HIV infection among IDUs reaches to a critical mark, subsequent waves of epidemic occur among other associated groups like female sex workers, partners etc. Therefore, developing appropriate health seeking behaviour with this group is crucial to control the further spread of HIV. This research investigates the factors among IDUs in central Bangladesh that influences health seeking behaviours. Seeking appropriate treatment for drug and sexual health problem is the main health seeking behaviour variable of interest. The research found that appropriate health seeking behaviour is associated with exposure to health education; attempts to leave drug use; and duration of drug use behaviour. On the basis of the research it is recommended that more emphasis should be given to organize flexible clinical session like evening sessions, extended weekend sessions etc. This research will help community-based organizations and HIV/AIDS professionals to understand factors affecting health seeking behaviours and help to design programs to promote appropriate health seeking behaviour among IDUs.

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