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Among the many aspect of gender problems, patriarchal authority of male and subjugation of women with harmful socio-cultural practices in the world. As a result, to address the problems, it became the global political agenda. In addition, there is solid evidence that progress in gender equality in one goal often contributes simultaneously. The author study argue, men and women fired with conviction and purpose, who are highly motivated and banded together in order to found a perfect society with a body of ready-made solution to the problem encountered. In the process of encountering the social problems, therefore change in the value system occurred that turn resulted in social transformation in gender roles, belief and culture. It was evidenced, witnessed and impressed by the sense of equality and justice. Gender equality is practiced, reflected and pioneered in Awra-Amba community. That is the lesson for the world at large. Therefore, the book, serves as a fuel to support gender equality issues in all nations so it brings «extra ordinary» deference in accelerating the achievement of Millennium Development Goals, mostly different sectors working on women issues.

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