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Features of LED Light Collar: LED light glows and flashes in darkness. Bright light can be seen from far away. Helps to keep you and your dog & other pets safe during walking. Provide safety for your dogs and pets while it's out alone at night. Also work as a decoration: let your dog more attractive. Easy and comfortable to wear and remove. Easy to use: simply pushing the control button makes the light ON / FLASH / OFF. Specifications: Materials: Polypropylene (PP) webbing Flashing Mode: continuous lighting quickly flashing slowly flashing (controlled by the switch) Package Type: OPP Battery: two Button batteries (CR2032) included M=Width 2.5 x Length (40~48)CM Features of Safety Seat Belt Brand new Adjustable Dog Cat Pet Car Safety Seat Belt Made of high quality nylon fabric Durable buckles and adjustable strap Keep your dog & cat safely restrained and secure in vehicle while driving Adjustable strap allows pet to sit lie down or stand comfortably Ideal Car Safety Seat Belt for your lovely pet such as dog cat and so on Perfect for your cats little dogs and some other little pets Specifications: Color: Light Blue Material: Nylon Adjustable Length: About 44 - 71cm Width: About 2.5cm
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