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The ETIGER ES Motion Sensor is the ideal accessory for home owners, the sensor will detect potential intrusions from burglars. The ETIGER has been designed to allow your pets to oram your home without triggering alarm. Double Probes Intelligently detect any intrusion in your home. Pet-Friendly It will not trigger an alarm when your beloved cat or dog (animals up to 25kg) passes in front of the sensor. LED Indication Blinks continuously means "self-testing", blinks twice means "self-testing is complete, and entering working mode, while blinks once means an intruder is detected. Wide Angle The detection scope is up to 110 degree and 8 meters. Specifications Brand ETIGER Model ES-D2A Housing Material ABS Color White Power DC 3V (AA 1.5V LR6 x 2) Quiescent Current ≤90uA Alarm Current ≤9.5mA Detection Scope 8m/110° Transmission Frequency 433MHz (±75KHz) Working Temperature -10℃~+55℃ Working Humidity ≤80% (no condensation) Product Size 118 x 52 x 35 mm Package Weight 100 g Package Size 13 x 6 x 5 cm Package Contents 1x ETIGER ES-D2A IR Motion Sensor 1 x User Manual
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