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Greatest Moments in Canadian Hockey is a fan-tastic collection of stories about the players, teams, coaches and moments that changed the game forever. These memorable highlights stand out as significant markers in the history of Canadian hockey: * Wayne Gretzky scoring his 802nd goal to become the NHLs all-time leading goal scorer * Bob Bauns winning goal in the 1964 Stanley Cup final while skating on a broken foot * Paul Henderson leaping into the air after scoring the winning goal in the 1972 summit series against the Soviet Union * The story behind Jacques Plantes decision to become the first goalie to wear a face mask * Bill Barilkos famous -- and final -- goal in Torontos 1951 Stanley Cup victory, an event immortalized by the Tragically Hip in the song Fifty Mission Cap * The riots in Montreal that broke out in 1955 after Canadiens superstar Maurice Rocket Richard was suspended for the season after an on-ice brawl. * And many more stories...

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