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All brand new idea, unique design! This windproof umbrella comes with reverse folding method. In this way, you can fold the outer surface of the umbrella which is wet after walking under the rain inside, and no more worry about get yourself wet. Features Creative unique reverse folding design, no more worry of getting wet. With premium black gel coating on the surface, this umbrella can be used on both sunny and rainy days. Fashion elegant peacock tail pattern on the inner side of the umbrella. With the C-shaped handle bar, you can choose different holding methods freely. Embedded switch comes with better durance and safety level and anti-pinch design. Specification Product Type Sunny and rainy umbrella Anti-hydropressure Value 800 Windproof Level Premium Surface Size 8 x 60 Umbrella Weight 400±5g Opening Method Manual Umbrella Rib Material Electroplated aluminum alloy Umbrella Surface Material High density PE Umbrella Rib Quantity 8 Handle Bar Material Rubber Suitable Users 1-2 persons Umbrella Diameter 108cm Umbrella Height 87cm Package Contents 1 x Umbrella
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