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Background: The objective of study was to compare depth jump and counter movement jump for increasing vertical jump height in male Badminton players. Method: 30 Male Badminton players 20-25 years playing Badminton for at least 1 year were selected by simple random sampling method. Amateur and professional badminton players, those with history of musculoskeletal disorders within 6 months, cardiovascular disorders, neurological disorders and body weight more than 220 lbs were excluded from the study. The players were randomly divided into two groups: - countermovement jump (CMJ) group and depth jump (DJ) group. Their static vertical jump (VJ) was assessed and were given training program for 6 weeks (two sessions/week). Outcome was assessed and analyzed using paired and unpaired t test. Results: The mean pre training VJ score in the CMJ was 38.5 which increased to 39.7 at 6 weeks of training. The mean pre training VJ score in the DJ group was 39.6 which increased to 41.4 at 6 weeks of training. The increase in DJ was significantly more than the increase in DJ at 6 weeks (>0.01). Conclusion: DJ was significantly more effective for improving VJ height as compared to CMJ.
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