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for macbook pro 13 lower case a1502 bottom case cover retina 2013 2014 2015 приобрести по лучшей цене

Compatible with: MACBOOK Pro 13.3 with Retina Display Model No. A1425 and A1502. WARNING: This case can't Fit for MACBOOK Pro 13'' Macbook White 13'' MACBOOK Air 13'' 1. The polycarbonate hard case material provide a ultra-thin and lightweight protection for the MacBook; 2. The convex rubber foot-pad and vent at the bottom case can make the heat dissipation more effectively; 3. Size: 32cm x 22.5cm (approximate) 4.If you are not sure of the model of your Macbook you can see the bottom of the device. Number at the bottom of the APPLE MACBOOK Pro 13.3 inch with Retina Display is A1425 / A1502
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