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fpv 3 axis cnc metal brushless gimbal with controller for dji phantom camera drone for gopro 3 4 action sport camera only 180g приобрести по лучшей цене

Yuneec Typhoon Q500 5.8G FPV 10CH With 4K HD Camera CGO3 3-Axis Gimbal RC Quadcopter RTF Description: Brand name: Yuneec Item name: Typhoon Q500 4K Camera RC Quadcopter Frequency: 2.4G Channel: 10CH Transmimtter: 5.8G video downlink Battery: 3S 11.1V 5400mAh battery Flight time: 25mins Camera: 12MP Gimbal: CG03 3 axis gimbal Feature: * With 4K Camera & CGO3 3-Axis Gimbal * Typhoon Q500 4K system is modular,the camera can be mounted on both the Q500 and steadygrip. * The steadygrip CG03 3 axis precision gimbal with 4K camera high definition camera,allow you to capture amazing and stable video footage. * 3S 11.1V 5400 mAh battery,giving you up to 25 minute flight time * Smart features: follow me,watch me and dynamic return home * Geo fence: no fly zone,legal flying height and smart circle * All in one controller with 5.5 inch touch screen * The CG03 is an innovative combination of a 3 axis gimbal,camera and digital video downlink. * 115 degree distortion-free lens * Professional camera interface Note:This version is without Aluminum Case Package Included: 1 x Typhoon Q500 RC Quadcopter 1 x Transmitter 1 x 4K Camera 1 x CGO3 3 Axis Gimbal 1 x Battery 1 x Charger 4 x Extra Blades
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