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In recent years, new proposals have emerged to address the development of Web applications, some of which focus primarily on the representation of the Web application at a certain level of abstraction (conceptual model) while others are focus on specific tasks of the development process ignoring the requirements phase. Due to the increasing complexity of Web applications (ie., the changes in the implementation technology) the requirements phase is more difficult to maintain. As a result, a problem arises in these proposals: the absence of a design guide that facilitates the development of Web applications based on user needs and expectations. To overcome the lack of such process, this book presents an approach for the development of Web applications based on the Model-Driven Architecture. Specifically, we propose the especificacion of the requirements of the Web application in a conceptual model by using as modeling language the goal-oriented framework called i* (iStar) with which is posible the support for requirements management such as (i) requirements traceability, (ii) change impact analysis and (iii) the selection of the design decisions based on the maximization of NFRs.

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