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grey 6 pcs app sb50a 600v charging battery plug 50a eps ups large current power connector culus ul rohs standard приобрести по лучшей цене

2pcs Battery Quick Connector Kit 50A 6AWG Plug Connect Disconnect Winch Trailer Specifications: Color: Gray Material: PC fire-retardant materials+stainless steel Current Rating: 50A Rated voltage: 600V Contacts material: copper silver Fire rating: 94-V0 Size: 46x34mm/1.8*1.3 inch Suitable For: UPS battery power connector Features: - Quick links to disconnect, simple and safe - Shell is made of PC fire-retardant materials, stainless steel shrapnel terminal design uses silver-plated copper material, good conductivity - The same type of plug can be interchanged Packing Included: 2x Housings 2x Connection terminals
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