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h 029 top full range speakers 8 inch really full range speaker 96db have bass match single ended class a tube amplifier speaker приобрести по лучшей цене

Description: 2pcs 3inch 4 Full Range Audio Speaker High/Bass Stereo Loudspeaker 10W Specification: Size: Front diameter: 89mm; Thickness: 41mm; Hole distance: 83mm; Magnet: 45mm Speaker: 70mm; Impedance: 4 Omega/4 Power: 10W Sensitivity: over 90DB Features: 1.Make of Carbon fiber and metal material,durable and easy to install. 2.Suitable for replacement of old speakers, assembled houses, automobiles, ships, and so on. 3.You can freely adjust the bass and treble, as a creative DIY speakers. Package Included: 2Full Range Audio Speaker More Details:
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