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Social norms and moral values are part and parcel of every successfully functioning society and culture. Therefore it is essential to convey these values to all members of society, especially to the young ones, which is not only the task of their parents but also of their teachers. The author Katrin Doszpod introduces how to convey one specific moral value, namely heroism, to twelve-year-old learners of English. The challenge in teaching heroism is to explain a moral category to young learners who are not yet able to grasp abstract concepts fully. Moreover, students at the beginners'' level of English acquisition are likely to face language difficulties in expressing their ideas and thoughts. The resulting questions are whether it is possible to teach the abstract concept of heroism to young learners of English and how this might be done with success. Besides a theoretical part about heroism and its function for children, difficulties in teaching an abstract concept to young learners of English as well as the importance of literature for children, this book contains lesson plans for teaching heroism and describes in detail the difficulties in planning and realising the lessons.

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