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Create a more relaxing & soothing experience of gazing at a beautiful moon with this Glow in the Dark Moon Wall Sticker. It's easy to install and remove without leaving any damage and residue. It appears normal in the daylight but starts to glow when it gets dark & offers a real moon-like simulated effect at night. The wall decor sticker is an ideal gift for kids, friends, and family. Fluorescent Wall Stickers Glow in the Dark moon sticker to create the soft and soothing experience. Luminous Lights Soft bright green lighting at night. Removable Wall Decals Easy to remove & reposition without damaging the surface. Self-adhesive and Easy to Install Stick to any flat, clean and non-textured surface like wall, ceiling, glass or any other similar surface. Automatically Adjust the Light in the Day and Night Needs to absorb daylight in the daytime, then it will glow automatically in the dark. Ideal for Decoration Gives your home a fresh look and creates an enchanting and relaxing atmosphere. Specifications Type Glow in the Dark Moon Wall Sticker Material PVC Pattern Moon Dimension 30cm Dia. Package Included 1 x Wall Sticker
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