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high power amplifier single bridgerectifier filtering power supply board 25a приобрести по лучшей цене

DIY TDA2030A TDA2030 Single Track Power Amplifiers Board Kit Description: The Kit is integrated circuit TDA2030 as the center of power amplifier, with less distortion, peripheral components, simple assembly, large power, high fidelity, etc. Circuit protection of D1, D2, diodes, and C5 to filter capacitor, C6 for high frequency decoupling capacitor; The RP for volume control potentiometer; IC is power amplifier IC; R1, R2, R3, C2 for biasing circuit at the input to the power amplifier IC, due to the circuit for the single power supply, power amplifier IC 1/2 power supply voltage for the input dc voltage circuit can work properly; R4, R5, C3 constitute a negative feedback loop, change the size of the R4 can change the feedback coefficient. C1 as input coupling capacitance, C4 is the output coupling capacitance; In a circuit with inductive load speaker, R6, C7 ensures high frequency stability. Parameter: Input voltage: DC 15 V or less (this Kit without rectifier, DC power supply must be used, recommend voltage 12 v) Output power: Po = 10 w (RL = 4 ) Output impedance: 4 to 8 Package included: 1 x DIY TDA2030A TDA2030 Single Track Power Amplifiers Board Kit
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