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high quality mesh safety vest with pockets for women man приобрести по лучшей цене

Item specifications: Material: Polyester Machine wash Color: Red, Blue, Gray, Orange Red, White Size: L, XL, XXL Size Chart : Note:Refering the back size of Jacket Features: * With high quality polyester, light weight and durable, not easy to corrode. It is also easy to wash and fast dry. * Multi pocket designed to hold everything from tippet to fly boxes and all other gear needed for a full day stream fishing. * Zipper front closure,easy to take on and take off. * Mesh grip design make you feel cool and more comfortable. * Ideal for Safari, Sightseeing, Fishing, Camping, Traveling, Photography or Any Adventure. Note: The margin error is plus or minus 1-2cm. Asian size is a little smaller,please check the detail information about size in the picture before buying. Package Included: 1x Multi Pockets Mesh Vest
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