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Organizations have in the recent times faced demand for high performance from the stakeholders. In their effort to achieve the set goals & objectives, organizations have faced various challenges which hinder their performance and in worst cases, some close shop. Pressure has been on the organizations to deliver high performance without much consideration on the challenges that hinder them. Low profitability, high employee turnover & business closure are consequences of high stakeholders’ demand on one hand and various challenges on the other. The purpose of the research was to investigate the challenges that hinder an organization from attaining a HPO status. It focused on challenges in relation to human resources, organizational elements & commerce maximization & their influence on New KCC in Mt. Kenya Region. The descriptive research design was employed with the target population being the management and employees of the organization. The population for the study consisted of 220 workforce. A sample of 74 was chosen at random. Data was collected using questionnaires and interview schedules. The results showed there are challenges preventing the organization to be a HPO.

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