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Book DescriptionInsomnia. It’s a nearly universal affliction that keeps millions of Americans up at night. But now there’s help: Michael Krugman’s Sounder Sleep System™. In this revolutionary book, Krugman shows readers that insomnia is not just a nighttime affliction, but a 24-hour-a-day condition resulting from daytime stress that persists into the night, delaying the onset of sleep and making it shallower and less restful. To relieve stress and ensure sounder sleep, Krugman offers a two-pronged program of gentle, physical techniques, called mini-moves™, based on traditional and modern self-healing methods. Brief, daytime mini-moves offset stress and make life more peaceful—the perfect prelude to sounder sleep. Nighttime mini-moves, done while lying quietly in bed, make it easy to fall asleep at bedtime and to recover from unwanted awakenings later in the night. Readers can personalize the plan, which consists of a combination of 18 mini-moves. Presented in a profusely illustrated, step-by-step format that makes learning fun and effective, THE INSOMNIA SOLUTION will help millions of readers to sleep easier.

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