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Researchers established a positive correlation between human resource management (HRM) and overall success of any organization, whether it is public or private. The ultimate success of any human resource planning largely depends on apt Job analysis and thus it became the cornerstone of HRM. Indian economy is a mixed economy where both private sector and public sector (also known as government sector) have been given equal importance. But in reality, the private sector is more productive than general government sector. The human resources of the general government sector may be characterized as lazy, inefficient, ineffective, and low productive. But when the same human resources come in the private sector, they become energetic, efficient, effective, and highly productive. As such, the management policy of Indian Government sector comes under a big question mark. This book is the outcome of an analytical study on the potentiality of job analysis in the power sector of Tripura in particular and Government sector of India in general. Findings of the study give emphasis for proper job analysis in government organizations of India to thrive even in the hard times of economic meltdown.

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