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Artificial groundwater recharging (AGR) is particularly important in many industrialized countries, and the arid and semi-arid regions of worlds where the groundwater level is depleting very fast due to exploitation and natural replenishment of groundwater is slow for the reason that of low and highly erratic nature of rainfall and geological conditions of aquifer. Modeling of the AGR facilities are essentially important for evaluating effectiveness of that recharge structures in augmentation of the groundwater resources and also for evolving a sustainable development and management plan based on the augmented ground water resources in a watershed. The considerable attention must be placed on the integrated modeling approach for the AGR facilities. This book represents a doctoral thesis produced in Department of Hydrology, I I T Roorkee, India. This book consists of findings of scientific research of the AGR from recharge pond. The book is targeted to a wide range of audience from high level researchers to graduate students. We believe that the data, information and findings of research and reviews of literature in this book would be very useful to the researchers and academicians.
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