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The oyster mushroom is widely cultivated in many areas of the world. Pleurotus mushrooms which were thought to be “Food delicacies”, are now confirmed to have a definite role in human nutrition and health. Their carbohydrates are non-starchy, protein is made up of most of the essential amino acids in fairly high concentration and fat is dominated by unsaturated fatty acids. Mushrooms are good source of B-complex vitamins and folic acids, which counteract pernicious anaemia. Calcium, copper, phosphorous, manganese and available iron are the main minerals. Mushrooms are good for diabetics and gastro-intestinal ulcers. The present investigation was conducted to study nutritional composition of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus florida) and post harvest storage of fresh mushroom in different packs and conditions. Study concluded Oyster mushroom is highly nutritious especially rich in proteins with high digestibility, high fibre and minerals. It can be used in the dietaries of population to improve their nutritional status. Mushroom can be dehydrated using different pretreatments and drying methods. Dehydrated mushrooms can easily be rehydrated and can be used in period of non availability.
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